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Thursday, September 30, 2010

That Jagged line

It is one of the conjurations of modernity.
There are two ways things tend to get better independent of ideology.
The first way is that we concentrate on what we are doing - and really think about it. a major change or a debate often then produces positive change simply because it is doing something.
Secondly technologies can change what we do - making it better or at least different which is not better, but could easily cheaper, and widely spread).
the problem then is twofold.
Firstly neither of these ruses are ideology or policy driven. There is nothing a government can do, save from time to time suggest we all concentrate, and all w technology in. the current system of perpetual revolution or markets really will not work, as it becomes merely another reason not to concentrate. Yo cannot artificially produce the debate is the trouble.
Secondly there is a real tension between quantity and quality in any change. we all want quality as it relates to us (better service thank you very much), but of course we want quantity for others so less poverty or disease etc.
In short change gets up in impossibles.
We all know the change is possible and get we cannot really get their- cannot get at it or or to it.
Oh well

any suggestion?

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